Faith Over Breakfast

Best of FOB: The Fall of Ravi Zacharias

July 12, 2023 Pastor Eric and Pastor Andy Season 4
Faith Over Breakfast
Best of FOB: The Fall of Ravi Zacharias
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Show Notes

Welcome to another thought-provoking episode of Faith Over Breakfast with Eric and Andy. This week, we delve into the powerful yet polarizing life of a man who once stood tall in the world of Christian apologetics - Ravi Zacharias.

Embark with us on an eye-opening journey as we unravel the rise and fall of this prominent figure. Witness the meteoric ascent of Ravi Zacharias, who, armed with his faith and eloquence, managed to impact countless lives and led many towards a deeper understanding of Christianity.

But, as it is often said, those who rise high have the furthest to fall. With grace and gravity, we navigate the whirlpool of controversies and heartbreak that unfolded at the twilight of Zacharias' career. We shed light on the startling revelations and wrestle with the tough questions that emerged from the ashes of his tarnished reputation.

In this episode, we encourage open conversation, a safe space to process our feelings about the paradox that was Ravi Zacharias. His story serves as a powerful reminder of the innate human capacity for both greatness and fallibility.

Can our faith stay steady amidst such revelations? How do we respond when our heroes stumble? Tune in to this episode as we break bread and debate over these poignant questions, all while nurturing our spiritual appetites.

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