Faith Over Breakfast

#5009 - Two Questions

December 20, 2023 Pastor Eric and Pastor Andy Season 5
Faith Over Breakfast
#5009 - Two Questions
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Join us in this reflective and forward-looking episode of "Faith Over Breakfast" as Pastors Eric and Andy have a  heartfelt conversation about the year that's been and the year ahead. As they discuss what they've learned from their experiences, challenges, and moments of joy, they offer insights that resonate with everyone walking the path of faith. They also share their anticipations and hopes for the coming year, weaving their personal journeys with biblical wisdom. This episode is not just a recap of the year but a thoughtful exploration of how our past shapes our future under God's guidance. Tune in for a blend of wisdom, encouragement, and thoughtful dialogue that promises to uplift and inspire. Perfect for Christians seeking spiritual nourishment and anyone looking forward to growth and positive change in the coming year.

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"Faith Over Breakfast with Pastors Andy & Eric" is a weekly podcast where Pastors Andy and Eric come together over a imaginary delicious breakfast to talk about faith, food, sermons, culture, and more. In each episode, the pastors delve into thought-provoking topics and offer inspiring insights and practical guidance for those seeking to deepen their relationship with Jesus. With occasional guests joining the conversation, "Faith Over Breakfast with Pastors Andy & Eric" provides a unique perspective on what it means to live a life of faith in today's world. Whether you're a seasoned Christian or just starting on your faith journey, this podcast is the perfect companion for your morning routine. So join Pastors Andy and Eric each week as they explore the intersections of faith, food, and life over a delicious breakfast.


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